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  e-Facilitatorô is web-based tool to provide step-by-step project guidance. Black Belts and Green Belts can register projects at this site and interact with MBB on a continuous basis for guidance at every step. Several BBs/MBBs are available to guide GBs/BBs. Senior MBB will over see the entire facilitation process and is called Chief Mentor. Chief Mentor is responsible for allocating projects to Mentors based on their skills. Further, Chief Mentor is also responsible for coaching and mentoring these mentors. This is again a learning process for the Mentors.

The salient features of the e-Facilitatorô are as follows:

∑ All the files and data is on internet can be accessed from any time from any place.
∑ Data and information is secured, reliable servers are used and is completely password protected. Project data and information is accessible to BB/GB, Champion and Mentor.
∑ MS-Excel Standardized formats are used for DMAIC stages. However, for any additional need the system is flexible to support all major formats. For example, some BB wants to send a digital photo of the process.
∑ All the interaction between the Mentor and BB/GB is stored on specific folder on the server, with data and time. It becomes a good tool for documentation and no tampering is possible. You can audit the job done by the mentor. In the conventional facilitation it is very difficult to measure the quality of facilitation. This unique feature helps the chief mentor in coaching and mentoring the mentors.
∑ The Champions can login to the system and get status report on all the projects in his department. Further, he gets access to the entire project and can review the work done by the BB/GB. He can get latest information sitting any where.
∑ The e-Facilitatorô is automatically co-coordinated through e-mails.
o On project registration Champion gets mail alert.
o When BB/GB uploads his project files, any clarifications required mentor gets mail alert.
o When mentor gives comments, feedback etc. the GB/BB gets mail alerts.
∑ The project documentation is automatically done, while using the e-Facilitatorô.

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